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[Reespublica] BOLETIN : News & Views: Pope's Visit to LatAm - Mexico and the G20 - LatAm's Alphabet Soup


News & Views
March 22, 2011
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Mexico and the G20: Rethinking the Global Economic Balance The annual Mexico City conference brought together a group of leading public and private sector officials to analyze Mexico's burgeoning global leadership.
The Latin American Spring by Eric Farnsworth, The Huffington Post The pope's visit to Mexico and Cuba will focus worldwide attention on Latin America's recent progress.
Latin America Policy Is Stuck in the 1980s by Christopher Sabatini, CNN Global Public Square U.S. policymakers need to focus less on the domestic concerns of particular Latin American countries and adopt a more regional perspective.
Explainer: An Alphabet Soup of Regional Integration Organizations AS/COA Online explains the jumble of acronyms and abbreviations of the region's multilateral organizations.
Exclusive Interview: Brazilian Congressman Gabriel Chalita on Reforms for São Paulo The São Paulo congressman and mayoral candidate discussed his thoughts on education reform and security and transportation policy.
Immigration: Economic Realities Panelists discussed how current U.S. immigration policies affect business competitiveness, productivity, and worker flows.
Video: Mexican Undersecretary for Foreign Relations Lourdes Aranda Mexican Undersecretary for Foreign Relations Lourdes Aranda spoke with AS/COA Online about her country's role as this year's G20 host.
Transportation and Communication Infrastructure in Latin America: Lessons from Asia Panelists explored the importance of infrastructure to economic development and trade in the region.
Mar 27 Public Discussion on U.S.-Brazil Relations and President Dilma Rousseff's Visit to Washington, DC
Mar 28 Risks for Mixed-Status Immigrant Families
Mar 29 Doing Business in Latin America: Regulatory Reform and Regional Competitiveness
Now Available: Winter AQ on China's global rise.

From the AQ blog:

Religious Awakening in Mexico and the Pope's Visit

FARC Attack Results in Major Setback for Colombia's Army

Plus, Celebrate Five Years of AQ on April 19!
Join us for a discussion with Presidents Lagos and Toledo and live music from Asphalt Orchesta.

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